Local Gins

As we have developed new gins we have sought to include botanicals that can be sourced locally. We have found that locally foraged blackberries when added to the still produce a mellowness and depth to the gin that is quite unique yet still a traditional London Dry Gin.

We have therefore begun sourcing blackberries from locations that are familiar to us from our childhoods, our various homes over the years,  our working life and various dog walks. These locally foraged blackberries have been included in our range of local gins and for each location we print a black stoneware bottle with a historic ordnance survey map of the area.

At present we have local gins for M33 Sale, SK4The Heatons, SK8 Cheadle,  SK9 Wilmslow and WA14 Altrincham.

We hope to expand this range of local gins with the help of friends and customers who want their local area and its produce to be represented.

The Local Gin range for each location are available as:

London Dry Gin

Raspberry Gin

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin